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Forklift4S is one of the best forklift fork suppliers in Selangor, Malaysia. As a forklift spare parts supplier and repair shop. We can assure you that our aim is to provide the best spare parts and services in Selangor.

Forklift forks is one of the most obvious parts on any forklift vehicle. Forks are often used to carry heavy objects from one location to another. It can lift all sort of weight on it, ranging from light to heavy. With the right kind of forks, you can pick up and transport items with a forklift as easy as it can be. You can get the job done as soon as possible, saving a lot of time and money.

When looking for a forklift fork, make sure that the forks are made of exceptional durability. As it carries heavy loads for long periods of time, you do not want to have a weak forklift fork. A weak fork increases the risk of it breaking. That can lead to the risk of safety incidents and equipment downtime.

Forklift forks should be designed to deliver reliable and long-lasting performances. As you choose a forklift fork, look for the ones that come with proper warranty.

Also look for forklift fork suppliers that have a wide variety of options. Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of variety for all equipment types. While at it, check and see if your forklift fork supplier provides aftermarket sales and servicing too.

Forklift Forks We Offer

Here ar Forklift4S, we offer a wide range of forklift forks. Here are some of the common forklift forks we offer. If you see something you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Weighing forks

Weighing Forks

Weighing forks on forklifts are designed in a way to save you time and money. They are very good at transporting loads from one point to another. They also allow you to view and track the weight of the goods while they are in operation.

They don’t just weigh individual loads, it is also able to calculate the total weight of multiple loads. AS it is a basic function, it also comes with a couple of other useful functions also. They allow you to count items, enter codes and register the time and date. All these collected data will be transmitted from each fork to a wireless display via Bluetooth. These forklift weighing forks are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Reach Forks

Reach forks are also another common type of forklift fork. These forks is a CAM attachment range fork that’s a hydraulic one at that. As a hydraulic reach fork it maximises your forklift’s lifting and transporting efficiency. These forks made it easy and convenient for you to lead and unload goods on your forklifts from its side. You don’t even have to reposition your forklift to accommodate it. Having said that, it means that this forklift reach fork helps save you time and makes reaching forks a much more powerful and efficient solution for loading and transporting goods.

Fem fork

Fem Forks

Fem forks are suitable for most types of forklifts. It’s one of the most popular forklift fork options available.People can easily recognise this fork by identifying the 20 degrees chamfer on the fork hook, which is used to mount Fem forks.

They come in 5 different carriage heights. Each height has 2 ground-clearance choices. They are made from high-quality chromium-manganese steel and can deliver a great amount of mechanical strength. On top of that, they are made with a smooth and refined finish that makes it look good too.

Din Forks

Din forks are often found used on forklifts that are meant for construction and agricultural sectors. Even though it’s not used by forklifts, it can be used by a lot of other weight-lifting vehicles used in the very same industries.

You can find din forks mounted on the fork carriage using hooks with a 90 degrees angle. They are built from high-quality chromium-manganese steel too. Like the fem forks, it is also built with great mechanical strength and looks as elegant.

Din forks
Pin Fork

Pin Type Forks

Pin type forks are used in situations where your forklifts need to transport heavy loads. They are popular for this very choice. Usually pin type forks can be found on construction sites. They are also made from chromium-manganese steel and come with great mechanical strength.

You can spot a din fork by seeing how it has an eyelet on the top of the back of the fork. In order to mount the fork, the eyelets will slide over the shaft of a forklift.


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Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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