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Forklift paper roll clamps are a powerful lift made specifically to stack and maneuver heavy paper rolls. It is one of the most cost-efficient assets for any paper application. It is good especially for optimising with the cascade paper roll clamp for best lifting practises.

It’s good for heavy duty industries such as general manufacturing industries, forging and casting industries, and general warehouse solutions. Your typical modern day forklift paper roll clamp comes with hydraulic valve clamping attachments, multi-functioning display, and high capacity cooling. A lot of modern day paper roll claps ensure damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency. They also tend to offer roll clamp damage reduction choices to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight, or type of paper.

Forklift Paper Roll Clamp We Offer

There are many kinds of forklift paper roll clamps. Here are some of the common ones you can find offered on the market currently.

3H Paper Clamp

3H Paper Roll Clamp

3H paper roll clamp is a compact, lightweight, and versatile clamp great for handling super light rolls of paper and paper-related packaging material. It utilises a single-arm geometry of 360 degrees rotation to handle narrow width and small-sized rolls.It is an innovative and unique design great for paper converting and packaging, including food packaging where sanitary handling is required.

This paper roll clamp is available in powered and manual versions with integral or class II carriage mounting configurations. It can be used on stand-up trucks (powered and manual) and walkie-style equipment. It’s built to provide durability, speed and energy efficiency associated with the H-series family of paper roll clamps.

The 3H paper roll clamp is a self-lubricated cylinder bushing that eliminates the need for grease where sanitary handling is needed. It is best suited for paper and packaging converters where rolls are handled from pallet to unwinding without touching the ground. The cylinders attached to it are equipped with internal check valves for better reliability when handling rolls. It’s also versatile in design that allows handling of plastic films, light-weight aluminum, plastic wraps and related packaging material.

It comes in several options, power or manual versions are available. It also comes in integral and hang-on class II carriage mounting.

10H Paper Roll Clamp

10H paper roll clamps are made for small printers and converters of fabric, packaging and other specialty papers. It is a lightweight clamp with great specifications and maximises capacity on walkie and stand up trucks. It’s ideal for handling tires on small lift trucks that service aircraft industries.

These paper roll clamps usually have very thin arm profile and smooth-arm contourm which eases roll breakout and allows for close stacking. It has a proven contact pad shape and the surface holds rolls safely. The positioned short arm maintains thin-arm profile over a huge range of roll diameters and has excellent visibility over and around the clamp.

It can handle up to 100mm less than the maximum diameter against the bumper for faster handling. Its frame size is optimised for small loads and to maximise capacity on small lift trucks. The clamp is unitised construction that offers structural integrity in its arms and frame. As it is proven to be a durable rotator drive train, its pivot bushings are lube-free and provide excellent service life.

It comes in several options of either fixed frame / fixed short arm, or fixed frame / positioned short arm. It also comes in hydraulic force control which it controls a hydraulically controlled automatic clamp force system that changes clamp force that is proportional to the load weight.

Oil Filter Clamp
13H Paper Roll Clamp

13H Paper Roll Clamp

The 13H paper roll clamp is a rugged and reliable clamp that has been specifically designed to handle small rolls of newsprint, form and printing stocks, and similar. That is why this 13H paper roll clamp is an ideal choice for handling newspaper publishers, printers and warehouses. It features an expanded roll capacity range and capacity rating that allows forklift operators to efficiently handle an even wider variety of roll sizes.

13H paper roll clamps help reduce roll damage where its H Series pad alignment system utilises dual spring technology. It holds the contact pads in proper alignment. Its thin arm profile with smooth arm contour removes roll break out and allows for close stacking. It also comes with fast roll handling where its excellent arm speed boosts production. Its great durability with its highly durable rotator features a sealed ring gear design to eliminate contaminants and debris. It unitises construction and offers structural integrity in arms and frame.

It comes with several options of rubber, urethane, and other pads, which are available for improving the handling of industry-specific papers. It also comes with an 180 degrees stop group to ensure pad alignment with rolls. The hydraulic force control (HFC) helps eliminate damage caused by improper clamp force.


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