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Forklift hoods can be referred to by several different names depending on where you are. Some people call it bonnet whereas some other people call it just as it is, a hood. Forklift hoods can be made from several different types of material: plastic, iron, FRP, and so on.

The forklift hood is to protect the forklift’s engine, hence it is necessary to open the hood. Usually the hood is flipped backwards and is supported by air struts. Its hinge is linked to the forklift body and it should be installed in the reverse order of disassembly.

Before you tighten the forklift hood and hinge fixing bolts, you should adjust the engine cover back and forth, left and right. After that you should adjust it up and down by the hinge gasket and cushion rubber to make the gap fit evenly.

As it is an opening and closing apparatus of a forklift truck, it consists of a turning lever that is integrally fixed to the hood. The lever of the hood extends backwards from a turning acis of the hood burning its closing. A damper arranged in a space between the compartment room, a battery room, or an engine room, and the counterweight of the truck.

The damper is then arranged to torque the turning lever downwards. A link is then provided within the space to transmit the damper force to the turning lever. The hood opening and closing apparatus is not necessarily needed to be arranged in the compartment room. However, the space in between the compartment room and the counterweight should not be exposed to the outside of the forklift.

A forklift hood invention relates to a hood opening and closing apparatus with facility. Back then it was particularly made as a hood to cover such compartment rooms that hold a battery in place. It also works as a compartment coverage for an engine room in a forklift. A hinge will be mounted between the battery hood and the counterweight.

The hood is regularly opened and closed for inspection services or for replacing forklift parts. The opening and closing procedures may need huge forces as the forklift’s driver seat is fixed on the battery hood.

Forklift Hood Parts We Offer

There aren’t a lot of forklift hoods available so far but there are a couple that are regularly used by forklift operators. Here are some that we have found.

Hood with torsion bar

Some manufacturers of forklift hoods suggest using a torsion bar that reduces the opening and closing force. This type of apparatus, when the hood is closed, the torsion bar will be twisted. With that being said, the torque to open the battery hood is generated.

In those kinds of hoods, the torsion bar is a common axis for both the pivotal hood and the torsion bar is needed. Its hinge portion is structurally limited. Due to the limited spring force because of the torsion bar’s twisting motion, reduction of opening and closing force is not effectively performed in large scaled hoods.

Conventional hood

In a conventional hood, a conventional apparatus uses a fluid pressure type damper. It’s so common that the damper is arranged within the hood. The arrangement of the damper inside the hood limits the inside space of it. In those kinds of hoods, the battery hood only covers the top of the contents inside.

Conventional hood


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