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Forklift transmission is an imperative part of any forklift vehicle. Its purpose is to help make a forklift move. Forklifts are unable to move without a transmission. It is a part of the engine assembly that connects the engine and the wheels so it can rotate in sync with each other. The transmission can either be manual or automatic. Transmissions essentially allow the engine to run at narrow ranges of speed while putting out a wider range of output speeds.

Forklift transmissions are made up of various components. It can be divided into a manual system where different gear sets are locked and unlocked at different times. Or it can be made as an automatic transmission system where it uses planetary gear systems to produce all the various gear ratios.

Forklift Transmission Parts We Offer

Here are some common transmission parts we offer at Forklift4S.

axle shafts

Axle Shafts

Axles are an important element in providing the stability and strength that allows forklifts to safely carry cargo, bulks, and other heavy objects. These components are built to be able to sustain huge amounts of weight. On the other hand, overloading an axle beyond its capacity can cause it to warp or break.

Axle shafts used in forklifts allow the transmission to transfer motion to the vehicle’s wheels. It also helps to regulate changes in drive between the differential sun wheel and rear hub. Movements from the wheel shifts the axle in the corresponding direction. It guides the wheels to the desired path.

As it is an important part, it requires the right materials, machining processes, and thorough inspection. All that is to safeguard the safety of passengers and cargo.

Clutch Covers

A clutch cover is attached to the flywheel and serves to engage/disengage power with the help of a clutch disc. The clutch disc is pressed by the clutch cover against the flywheel to transmit rotation.

You should replace your clutch covers when it has wear symptoms and slippage. Slippage is a common primary sign of a worn clutch cover. Also look out for clutch shuddering, chirping or grinding noise, or having issues with shifting gears.

clutch covers
crown wheel & pinion

Crown Wheel and Pinion

In a front-engine forklift, rear wheel drive applications to the crown wheel and pinion transfers engine torque from the propshaft to the car’s differential then to the road wheels from the halfshafts. As a function of this process, the crown wheel and pinion ratio is the principal variable controlling the vehicle’s overall gearing.

The pinion gear is used to steer against the force of gravity. The crown is a wheel with cogs or teeth along its rim. A rack is a straight piece that also has cogs and teeth. The cogs are interlocked with those of the racks, and as are the pinion rolls. It rolls along the rack. The pinion and rack’s interlocking clogs allow the pinion to roll along the rack even when it has to roll uphill or sideways.

Torque Converters

Torque converters are special engine components and their internals rarely see the light of day.

Compared to a lot of other internal components of a forklift, the torque converter looks like something out of a spaceship. If you use an automatic forklift, then you will most likely be using the component in your forklift every day.

A forklift’s torque converter is similar to the clutch of a vehicle with a manual transmission. Unlike manual transmission vehicles, it uses fluid to transmit power to the transmission. It prevents your forklift’s engine from stalling and allows the transmission to change.

A torque converter looks like a donut-shaped internal engine attached directly between the engine and transmission. Inside it are 2 curved blades and both faces the opposite direction. The space inside the torque converter is usually full of transmission fluid. It helps with transferring power generated from the engine to the transmission.

torque converter


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