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Most times forklifts are often used indoors instead of outdoors. In these indoor locations, most are dimly lit warehouses filled with tall racks and other obstructions. To ensure top safety, forklifts will need to be easy to recognise. Forklift operators should be able to see clearly. Having said that, it’s why forklift safety lights are absolutely important.

Forklifts need lights attached or built into it to increase forklift safety to the vehicle itself and to the people working around it. FLashing beacons are one of the popular ways to maximise forklift visibility. Eye-catching lights can easily inform people quickly that the forklifts are in use.

There is also a blue warning spot on the ground to make sure people working in the warehouse know that the forklift can be seen. Projection lights communicate quickly and easily, which allows people to know which direction the forklift is moving in. It also helps to inform people working near forklifts to know which direction the forklift is moving in and highlight the danger zones around the machine.

Forklift Lights We Offer

There are 2 different basic forklift lights: primary and secondary forklift lights.

Primary Light 1
Primary Light 2
Primary Light 3

Primary Forklift Lights

Primary forklift lights are important lights that every forklift needs. These lights are important and are compulsory for all forklifts that are used on public roads. On top of that, it’s an important safety feature for all other forklifts. These types of forklift lights protect pedestrians and operators and help to prevent accidents.

Typically primary forklift lights must be sufficiently equipped with a proper lighting system that guarantees workplace safety for your employees. Most tomes companies will mount LED lights or halogen lights on the fork carriage or the overhead guard. Most forklift operators usually will mount lights on both front and rear of the forklift.

Though it’s standard equipment for forklift trucks to be properly lit, there are multiple projection lights a forklift should have. As forklift operators, you will be advised to install blue spot warning lights. Sometimes it can be red in colour. Whether if it is red or blue spot colours, it usually projects light on the floor in front or behind of the forklift truck. That way everyone can see the machine coming and going to its destination, especially around the corners.

You may also be advised to mount red zone light, usually used to mark out a red zone alongside the forklift. This light is to demarcate a safe distance for everyone working in the warehouse or workshop. A red zone light can be mounted in combination with a blue spot light. When you have combined these warning lights, you will create a safe zone in the front, back, and on the sides.

Secondary Forklift Lights

Secondary lights on forklifts usually means its for the forklifts to function as safely and easily as possible in the workplace. Secondary forklift lights include rotating and flashing beacons, work lights, and projection safety lights. Rotating and flashing beacon lights help warn pedestrians, workers, and other machine operators that a forklift vehicle is near. The permanent work lights illuminate a work area and projection safety lights communicate clearly without making much sound.

Projection warning lights are a popular secondary forklift light. It projects visual warnings around a forklift to inform people working nearby of their presence. It helps to improve awareness and safety by letting people around them know where they are heading to. It can also be used as a visual warning in a noisy environment. That way it can be used to warn nearby people who can’t hear a forklift coming.

Furthermore, most secondary forklift lights are easy to install and mount on a forklift. It can be mounted in front, on the back and on both sides of the forklift. Most forklift vehicles have pre-drilled holes for mounting warning lights and work lights. There are also safety lights available that come with brackets that can easily attach to the forklift. Those types of lights need no drilling.

Secondary Lights 1
Secondary Lights 3
Secondary Lights 2


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