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Forklift4S is one of the best forklift starter suppliers in Selangor, Malaysia. As a forklift spare parts supplier and repair shop. We can assure you that our aim is to provide the best spare parts and services in Selangor. Our forklift spare part brands consist of brands like Toyota, Hyster, Yale etc.

A starter is part of the forklift engine that get things going in the vehicle. It switches on the forklift engine. As soon as the starter provides that initial burst of power, then the engine will continue to operate on its own power. The starter will then convert electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to start up the forklift engine.

Forklift Starters We Offer

Here are some of the extensive range of starters we offer at Forklift4S. Our starters may suit all manner of forklift engines.

Direct Drive Starter 2

Direct Drive Starter

This type of forklift starter is where the transmitting of torque from an electric motor to the output device *a forklift’s wheels). It occurs without any gearing reductions.

This is a beneficial starter due to its increased efficiency as it reduces power loss from the drivetrain components. It’s a simpler design with less moving parts.

The downside is that it is a special type of electric motor that often requires high torque outputs at low rpm. When compared to a multi-speed transmission, the motor is often running in its optimal power band for a smaller range of output speeds.

Direct drive starters will also need a more precise control mechanism. High-speed motors with speed reduction have relative high inertia. It helps smooth the output motion. Most direct drive motors show positional torque ripple known as cogging torque.

If your forklift is a high-speed motor, this effect can be negligible as the frequency it has is too high to significantly affect system performance. If you use a direct drive starter in this sort of environment, it will suffer from it unless more inertia is added.

Plant Gear Reduction (PLGR)

Also known as PLGR, this sort of starter is part of the permanent magnet starter motors that quickly replaces direct drive starters. This starter motor transmit power between the pinion shaft and armature. It allows the armature to spin with more speed and torque.

PLGR starters are made with an aim to reduce gear that further reduces the demand for high current. It’s assembly consists of a sun gear that is situated at the end of the armature. 3 plenary carrier gears can also be found inside the ring gear that is held stationary.

By holding the ring gear and inputting the sun gear while outputting the carrier, the planetary gear is able to achieve a better amount of gear reduction.

Plant Gear Reduction (PLGR) 2

Offset Gear Reduction (OSGR)

The OSGR uses an internal gear set to increase torque. The internal gear sets are offset. It means the drive gear and motor rotate on different axes. This sort of starter is made to function under high speed and low current. It’s lighter and more compact, which makes it easier to assemble.

It also helps to increase cranking torque, which makes it common in many 4-wheel drive vehicles, including forklifts. OSGR starters are lightweight and make it one of the most popular purchases for vehicles with high speed and high cranking torque.

Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction (PMGR)

PMGR starters are manufactured to provide and designed with less weight, easy construction, less heat generation, among many other things. Instead of field coil starters, the permanent magnet gear reduction starter motor type commonly known as PMGR peruses 4 to 6 magnet field assemblies.

It is activated through a 12V solenoid that comes with 3 terminals. It’s heavy duty and allows it to draw less current. Due to its lack in field coils, the commutator and brushes deliver current directly to the armature.

If you are using PMGR starters in your forklifts, you should handle it with care. It’s because the permanent magnets are brittle and can be easily broken.

Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction (PMGR)


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Besides spare part supply, we can also help you on forklift service, repair, rental and trading.

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Still Not Sure What Forklift Solution Do You Need?

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Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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