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When people mention forklift switches, they can refer to quite a few switches on the vehicle. They can refer to the ignition, a steering column, and quite a handful of other switches that you can find on a forklift. A broken ignition, steering column, or other crucial forklift switch can bring your daily forklift operation to an abrupt halt.

We have a wide range of forklift switches available for you. Our impressive range of forklift switches are made available for various types of forklifts. You can find anything from forklift ignition to rocker switches here at Forklift4S. Our services and extensive knowledge and fast delivery will keep you going for a long period of time.

Forklift Switches We Offer

Here are several kinds of forklift switches.you can commonly find on the market. If you see what you like, feel free to contact us.

Rocker Switches
Rocker Switches 2

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are distinctive switches that have buttons that can be pushed in either direction. They provide you with a very clear indication of when an electrical circuit is working. When pressed, it leaves 1 side raised and the other depressed. This rocking mechanism will either connect or disconnect an electric circuit.

Rocker switches control electricity the same way as any other electric switches. It is designed to fit within the same wire box size. It’s a universal switch that you can find everywhere you go.

These kinds of switches are significantly wider and broader than your traditional switch. They are also easier to wipe clean because of their shape. These type of switches normally come in white and off-white shades.

Rocker switches tend to be more expensive than a traditional switch and may get stuck between the on and off positions. However, rocker switches tend to be a lot quieter than most other switches. Most people would prefer this switch over other kinds of switches on the market.

Steering Column Switches

Steering column switches are used to switch on headlights, indicators, horns, windscreen wipers, and so on. It’s usually very useful to easily adjust the driving direction of your forklift. These sort of steering column switches are compact in design and are integrated mounting brackets. They are great for installation directly on the steering column.

These steering column switches are used in many kinds of vehicles including forklifts. Sometimes you may see them installed in agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, and self-propelled machines, wiper unit actuators, headlights and for horns. As steering column switches are tough and reliable, they are one of the most trusted switches under tough operating conditions.

Steering Column Switch 2
Ignition Switch 2

Ignition Switches

When you run a single forklift or a fleet, the forklift ignition serves multiple purposes. It’s a switch in the control system of a forklift that activates the main electrical systems in the vehicle. In vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, the switch offers and provides power to the starter solenoid and the ignition system components. It is often combined with the starter switch that activates the starter motor.


Affordable Rates

We have wide connections with forklift spare part brands that gives us the advantage of having factory price!

Warranty Claim

Warranty claim is available for all forklift spare parts purchased! Just give us a call if any product damage is spotted! (T&C applied)

One-stop Solution

Besides spare part supply, we can also help you on forklift service, repair, rental and trading.

Wide Range Available

We are authorized dealers for many world renowned forklift spare part brands to cater to different needs.



See what you like? Feel free to give us a call for further enquiries. We are more than ready and willing to assist you with your forklift needs.

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Still Not Sure What Forklift Solution Do You Need?

Book A FREE On Site Consultation With Us!

Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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