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Do you really know when to replace your forklift tyres?

If your forklift tyres are showing these 3 signs,
it’s time to change them to avoid accidents!

Tyres worn over the wear line

Many forklift tyres have a wear line, often called the 50% wear line. When the wear of your tyres reaches that line, it’s time to replace a new one!

Chunking or tearing

If pieces, or chunks, of your forklift tyres are falling off, that’s a good sign you need to replace them. Chunking & tearing of tyres reduces the braking function of your forklift, making it harder to brake on time!

Flat Spot

Your tyres should be round, if they’re flat in any place, it’s time to replace them. Flat spots cause forklift to be imbalanced while in use, increasing the chances of forklift accidents in the warehouse!


Time to change your forklift tyres today & ensure warehouse safety!

Once In A Lifetime Promo Package

starting from RM699 only, which includes:

Forklift Solid Tyres

A new pair of high quality Forklift Solid Tyres.

Starting from RM699
Door to door service

Hassle free door to door service to change your tyres on the spot!

Starting from RM299 INCLUDED
Full body inspection

A report & checklist on your forklift’s health and conditon.

Starting from RM499 INCLUDED

Why choose Forklift4s?

engine inspection

One & Only 4S Centre

We are the one & only 4S centres in Malaysia, all the resources needed to ensure the wellbeing of your forklift is under our control and wholly owned by us, therefore achieving economies of scale to help you save MORE cost on your repair & servicing works.

forklift daily inspection

Ready Spare Parts

We are one of the main forklift spare parts suppliers in Malaysia, and that gives us the advantage of having sufficient spare parts stock anytime anywhere! We can fix your forklift as soon as possible and no need to worry about waiting for spare parts to arrive before we can start repairing.

forklift repair

Over 15 years experience

Our forklift foremen have more than 15 years of experience. And throughout these 15 years, they only focus on one thing, which is REPAIRING & SERVICING FORKLIFTS. We are so specialized in forklifts that not one single tiny whiny forklift issue can escape from us.

Our Brands Offerings


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Door to door service really is a huge convenience to our business especially during these times. The free inspection service also helped find out the hidden problems and helped saved us money and also from possible accidents.
Vincent Woo
We did not notice that we needed a tyre change until we saw this promotion. Accidents could have happened! As a small startup, we tried to save every penny. We were very satisfied with the price and services provided!
We tried servicing our forklifts from another service provider previously and had bad experience. We are glad that we took the deal and got a very good price and quality services from forklift4s.com.my.
YH Tan


Our Promotional Forklift Tyre Offer
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We are here to help you!

Our forklift rental & forklift repair service areas include Klang, Port Klang, Shah Alam, Rawang, Puchong and any other districts within Selangor area & Klang valley area.

Yes, we do provide forklift rental & forklift repair service in Kuala Lumpur areas. Please contact us at +60 10 - 933 5885 for further inquiry.

Yes we provide forklift rental and repair service for Nilai & Seremban areas. Do contact us for a special arrangement.

We have various brands forklift for rent such as Toyota, TCM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Yale, Komatsu, Hyster

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