6 Signs To Change Your Forklift Mast Components

6 Signs To Change Your Forklift Mast Components

At some point in time, you will need to change your forklift mast components. Like anything else everywhere, it has its own shelf life. Forklift mass components are some of them and they are in the very same boat too. 

Here are 6 signs when you should change your forklift mass components as soon as possible. Like everything else, the later you put off damaged items replacements, the heftier and expensive the replacement will get. Furthermore, you may incur more damages than you possibly can think of. 

1. Wear and tear 

Wear and tear are the most common signs of needing to repair and maintain your forklift. If you continuously need to troubleshoot your forklift, you will find yourself increasing the maintenance cost to keep it running. If prolonged heavy use of your forklifts need regular repairs, then it may be time to consider replacing the equipment. 

When paying for continual repairs, you will find that the effect on the bottom line goes beyond the cost of replacing the worn parts or repairing the electrical components. You will see how that you’ll need to replace the forklift if you need to repair for: hydraulic leaks, clogged fluid lines, worn chains, a mast that will not lift, battery problems, unbalanced suspensions, or steering difficulties. 

2. Clogged filters 

In order to keep your forklift in tip top and peak performance, you should have preventive maintenance in place for your forklift. Check your forklift’s oil, air, and fuel filter regularly to make sure that they are not clogged. If they are clogged, they can decrease the fuel efficiency of your forklift. It can also lead to overheating and engine damage, something that you do not want happening to your forklift. You should have, in place, scheduled regular preventive maintenance to help prevent your filters from being clogged. It can help to keep your axles well-greased for maximum performance. 

If you smell strong fuel smells from your engine, your filters may be experiencing problems. If there is intense fuel smell coming from your forklift, it should be immediately pulled out of service. It can cause an extremely dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide in the workhouse. 

3. Chain replacements 

Chains on a forklift are an important part of the vehicle. When the forklift operator pulls the lever to lift the load, hydraulic pressure raises the lift cylinders, which raises the inner mast rails. The chains are what lifts the carriage whereas the forks lift the load. 

Typically a forklift chain should last anywhere between three to five years if it is in a healthy condition. Some of the ways to keep chains long-lasting is to look out for these signs: 

  1. Rust. If there are visible rust and corrosion, then you should replace the chains straightaway. With rust and corrosion, it can restrict free movement on the chain and run an increased risk of failure.
  2. Misalignment. Look out for any enlarged holes on the out plates and asymmetrical wear patterns on the pinheads.
  3. Broken links. Small cracks and broken links are signs of possible future failure. Have these links replaced immediately to prevent accidents. 

4. Forks looking thinner than they should 

If your forklift’s forks look thinner, then perhaps it is time to have it replaced for ones that are better. When you are using your forklifts constantly at your warehouses, the forks will wear down over time. If that is the case, then make sure that it is in your business budget to buy forklift parts as part of your budget. When the metal grows thinner, it loses its strength too. 

You may monitor the width of your forklift forks periodically using calipers. By using the calipers, you can track the measurement over time. You can also replace the forks when the width has decreased by up to 10% or more. 

5. Visible damaged parts 

There’s a good chance where your forklift may run over or into something during the course of its operation. If that is the case, it’s best that you replace the forklift parts as soon as possible in your immediate future. 

Look for any obvious physical defects life bent forks or torn tires. Listen for any unpleasant grinding sounds from the mast that can suggest that it needs immediate attention

6. Grinding sounds 

When you hear odd grinding sounds coming from your mast, then it is time to have the mast changed and upgraded. Funny grinding noises as the mast is a part where it is a metal-on-metal contact part, it tends to wear and tear really fast comparatively faster than some other parts. It tends to get damaged relatively faster. 

When you start hearing such funny noises coming from your mast, have it replaced immediately. Like any other parts that needs replacement, you will want to avoid getting into workplace accidents. 

Bottom Line 

If you need any help with your forklift replacements and repairs, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance. We will be more than happy to assist you for your forklift problems.


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