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Forklift4S is one of the best forklift seat suppliers in Selangor, Malaysia. As a forklift spare parts supplier and repair shop, we can assure you that our aim is to provide the best spare parts and services in Selangor.

You will find a huge variety of forklift seats with extensive stocks. There are different kinds of forklift seats fit for your forklifts. There are universal seats, ergonomic seats different brands, dimensions, colors/shades, upholstery that you may prefer. There are also several forklift seat options and accessories available such as suspension, headrests, armrests, head adjustments, cushion etc.

Most forklift operators would prefer having an universal forklift seat as it fits on a lot of forklifts. Universal forklift seats are made to fit on most forklift brands and models. You don’t have to make a lot of changes to it.

Here at Forklift4S, we have a wide array of forklift seat choices. Anything ranging from universal seats to hinged back models with seat adjusters, you can find it here. Our brands include Mitsubishi, Toyota, Linde, Nissan etc.

What To Consider

Here are a few things you should consider before getting that forklift seat.You will spend many hours working with a forklift. You will be sitting on a seat most times. That being said, here are some things you should consider for comfort and safety in the seats’ features.

Seat Shape

Forklift seats back in the day looked a lot like the bench-type seating found in automobiles in that time period. Around the same time, automakers, including forklifts, started moving towards more comfortable bucket seatings. Forklift manufacturers followed suit too.

A lot of modern day forklift seats are curved to follow the natural shape of a person’s back, hips, and butt. It allows for snugger fit that cuts down on movement and vibration during an operation. It’s also ergonomically designed and reinforced and supports a person’s lower back.

Seat Materials

Most forklifts are used around the clock. Hence, the seats will see a lot of wear and tear like any other parts of the forklift. After spending so many hours on the seat, it breaks, has worn springs, or is ripped open. Which can be very painful and uncomfortable for the user.

Having said all that, it is best that the seats’ materials are to be made of durable material. As it puts up with a lot of abuse. High-quality vinyl, thick leather, and a lot of strong materials will help prevent the forklift seats from becoming ripped or torn easily. The seats’ interior and springs help maintain their structure so it can be used longer before being replaced.

Seat Material

Bolted Securely

When you are installing a new seat on your forklift, make sure that it is bolted safely to the vehicle. It is not bolted securely, it can slide and pitch with every movement of the forklift. If it is loosely attached, then it will not take long for the driver to feel the effects.

The forklift seats need to be adjustable to account for different sized operators. It’s best to have it spring-loaded with quick-release levers to make it easier for drivers to adjust the seat to the length of their legs and body shape. Sometimes, the seat may also be adjusted by the same operator to facilitate different operations.

Don’t Get Cheap Seats

This part is pretty self-explanatory. Buying the cheapest replacement seat is usually not the best answer to refurbish a forklift seat. Forklift seats that are not made well will result in drivers’ discomfort and possibly injury. Not forgetting to mention, they tend to have a shorter usable life and needs to be replaced more often.

You will need to replace it again and again, which isn’t economically viable. It also reduces forklift efficiency and profitability. Best that you buy a forklift seat that is high-quality and ergonomically correct for your forklift drivers.

Cheap Seats


Affordable Rates

We have wide connections with forklift spare part brands that gives us the advantage of having factory price!

Warranty Claim

Warranty claim is available for all forklift spare parts purchased! Just give us a call if any product damage is spotted! (T&C applied)

One-stop Solution

Besides spare part supply, we can also help you on forklift service, repair, rental and trading.

Wide Range Available

We are authorized dealers for many world renowned forklift spare part brands to cater to different needs.



See what you like? Feel free to give us a call for further enquiries. We are more than ready and willing to assist you with your forklift needs.

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Still Not Sure What Forklift Solution Do You Need?

Book A FREE On Site Consultation With Us!

Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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