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Forklift4S is one of the best forklift steering parts suppliers in Selangor, Malaysia. As a forklift spare parts supplier and repair shop, we can assure you that our aim is to provide the best forklift spare parts and services in Selangor. Our forklift steering parts consist of large brands like Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, etc. 

Whether you are looking for steering knobs, rod end steering axles, steering columns, steering knuckles, steering box, steering cylinder kit, steering box kit, we do provide steering parts that you need. Forklift4S has been supplying quality steering wheel parts for quite a long time. Not only do we proactively test our new steering wheels, we also extensively test our remanufactured parts before they are used on our customers’ forklifts.

Most forklifts have rear-wheel steering wheels, which we also offer spare parts and servicing to. It’s not a big deal many forklifts have rear-wheel steering, however, it can be problematic when a new hire only has experience with front-wheel steering.

Rear-wheel steering works in a sense that when you turn your steering wheel left, the back tires pivot around the front tires. The steering provides you with a much tighter turn that a front-wheel steering couldn’t really offer.

On the other hand, when you pivot the steering wheel, the back tires pivot a lot faster than the front tires. To untrained forklift drivers, the rear end swing may not be familiar to them. In short, it means it can lead to accidents.

Forklift Steering Parts We Offer

There are several steering wheel parts we offer here at Forklift4S. Here are some of the parts you can see coming from us.

forklift bellcrank


Bellcranks in forklifts is a kind of crank that changes motion through an angle. The angle motion can be any angle range from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. However, 90 degrees to 180 degrees are the most common crank motion. The name comes from its first use, which changes the vertical pull on a rope to a horizontal pull on the striker of a bell.

Steering Control and Parts

Steering control is most often addressed as a steering system for ease of understanding. It’s a system used for steering the forklift. It is a part and system that is often used when the forklift is in operation. Any steering system failure and malfunction can easily result in disaster and accidents.

Steering systems often include a steering gear, control equipment, rudder carrier, rudder, and a rudder horn. The steering gear offers a movement of the rudder in response to a signal from the bridge. The control equipment will pass on an order signal from the bridge and activate the steering gear to move the rudder to the desired angle.

forklift steering control
hub wheels

Hub wheels

A wheel hub is located in the middle of the forklift’s wheels. You can easily find them located between the drive axle and brake drums. Wheel hub assemblies functioned in order to connect the wheel to the forklift body. The assembly normally includes bearings that allow the wheels to roll quietly and efficiently.


Sometimes known as the king pin, it is the main pivot in the steering mechanism of a forklift. Sometimes it is also used as a term to refer to the part of a fifth wheel coupling apparatus for a semi and its trailer or other load.

rod end steering

Rod End Steering

Rod end steering is sometimes known as tie rod steering. This type of steering is more commonly found in latest forklift models. Rod end steering has the same function where they connect the steering rack or linkage to the steering knuckles.

These are just some of the steering wheel parts and services we offer for steering wheels. If you need any steering wheel repairs, replacements, and services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rod Steering

Rod steering, sometimes known as tie rods, are an integral part of forklifts’ steering. It ties your vehicle’s steering rack to the steering arm, which is attached to the forklift wheel. There are 2 kinds of rod steering: rack-and-pinion steering and re-circulating/mechanical steering.

Both steering systems, though complex, contains simple yet important parts such as the tie rod. Tie rods are important in steering systems as without it, your forklift’s steering system will fail. It functions as the pivot point between your steering system and your steering arm and wheel.

The out tie rod is adjustable, which means you can change the length of the tie rod to fix your forklift’s alignment. They are responsible for moving your wheels when you steer and make turning your forklifts possible.

rod steering
steering axles

Steering Axles

A steering axle in a forklift is one of the components that contributes to its ability to direct the vehicle towards a desired route. To be precise, a steering axle is a shaft that the wheels of a forklift are mounted on. It has a fixed location within a forklift where the wheels rotate around it. Its purpose is to lock the wheels into specific positions in relation to other gears or wheels of a forklift.

Steering axles are an important part of a forklift because it holds the wheels in place. It allows them to revolve and turn, which means it steers the forklift towards the desired position. Typically the centre of the wheel is fitted with a bearing and then is fixed to the steering axle. The bearing allows the wheel to rotate without turning the axle itself. There are occasions where the wheels are fixed to the axle with bearings being provided at the mounting spots that support the axle.

Steering Knuckles

A steering knuckle on forklifts includes a spindle and connects the upper and lower ball joints. Its purpose is the pivot point of the steering system that allows the wheels to turn.

forklift steering knuckle
Steering Orbitrol

Steering Orbitrol

Steering orbitrols are used for hydrostatic steering. When the steering wheel is turned, the steering unit dispenses some oil to the right or left that is proportionate to the turning of the steering wheel. The extra volumetric flow is diverted through E and can be supplied to another consumer.


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