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Forklift sensors usually come in electrical forms. They are devices or integrated circuits that detect particular physical parameters and convert them into electrical signals. These signals will be used to provide measurements or trigger actions.

Forklift sensors are largely used to detect nearby items and walls to prevent any possible accidents in the workplace and surrounding. They can come in several kinds but otherwise their main function is to let the driver know they are about to hit something.

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As mentioned before that forklift sensors are to alert the forklift driver he is in close proximity to an object, here are several common types of forklift sensors. They can come in small or big sizes. They can also be used in different settings too.

Proximity sensors

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are the most common sensors you can find on a forklift. It’s a smart device that is installed on a lift truck to warn an operator when the vehicle is in close proximity to an object. It’s to prevent any potential accidents.

Proximity sensors in a forklift usually come in a laser, ultrasound, or vision-based device. They can be programmed to monitor and alert based on certain parameters like distance and speed. The intelligent technology in a proximity sensor will detect the problem and immediately sound an audio and visual alarm. It will inform the driver and the people around it to take action.

Pallet Detection Sensor

Pallet detection sensors are smaller in size. As forklifts are often fast and rapid in their transportation speed, there’s bound to be accidents from not being able to detect any obtrusion near the wooden pallets.

Pallet detection sensors are the kind of sensors you will need in such situations. These kinds of sensors are usually ultrasonic. When attached to your forklift, it can help you determine whether a pallet is on the fork and how far it is inserted under the pallet. They usually use precise control and ensure proper transportation technology for such jobs.

These sensors are small and reliable and the cube designs are the most popular. They are installed and attached to the fork section of a forklift. As it comes with an ultrasonic sensor technology, it tends to be very robust and resist extreme conditions. It can also sustain rain, fog, storms, and other extreme weather too.

Dock motion

Dock Motion Sensors

Dock motion sensors are usually attached to forklifts that are used at docks. Docks tend to have heavy traffic when work is done. People working on docks can get very busy and deadly accidents involving a forklift can happen. Because of such environment, dock sensors are used to warn forklift drivers and pedestrians of each other’s presence.

Motion sensors tend to detect activities in trailers when there is limited visibility for lift trucks. Imagine where a forklift is reversing out of a crammed trailer that is dark. There’s a good chance that if there are no motion sensors, the forklift would have gotten into an accident with whoever and whatever is in its line of travel.

Forklift Impact Monitoring

Impact monitoring sensors can be installed on any lift trucks. It’s a smart solution that tracks and monitors various impacts in real time. The movement data will be recorded on the cloud-based dashboard of a forklift.

These kinds of forklift sensors are usually used to look into patterns in forklift drivers and the surroundings. It helps you to see why one forklift operator is always driving recklessly. Sometimes it helps you to see which part or area of a facility is hard to travel around.


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