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A radiator’s job in any forklift is essential in a sense that it keeps the internal parts in check. It made sure that all internal combustion and gasoline engines are kept to a minimum, if not entirely prevented. They made sure that they are responsible for cooling engines.

Inside a forklift’s combustion engine, there are more than 4000 petrol explosions per minute. Each combustion produces a temperature as high as 1500 degrees celsius. To have your engine cooled down, the engine coolant is circulated through the engine block. It absorbs heat from the engine and passes it through the radiator. The radiator will release the heat into the atmosphere. This way it keeps the machine operating at a preferable ideal working temperature.

Forklift Radiators We Offer

There are so many types of radiators and heat exchangers made specifically for forklifts. Here are some of the most common types you can find on the market, which we offer here also.



An intercooler is exclusively made and used in machines with turbo engines. It cools the air that the forklift’s engine blows out. It’s main task is to cool a gas after compression. When compressing a gas, it increases its internal energy that raises its temperature. Usually intercoolers take the form of a heat exchanger that removes excess and wasteful heat in a gas compressor.

Intercoolers have a wide variety of applications and can be found not just in forklifts. You can find intercoolers in air conds, fridges, and other vehicles too.

Oil Coolers

Oil in forklifts (and other vehicles) travel through the engine and lubricates various engines. It helps the forklift run smoothly and reduce wear and tear. The heat in the forklift engine warms the oil, so the oil cooler will help to cool it back down. Usually by cooling the oil down, a cold fluid will be used – usually water or cool air.

There are many different types of oil coolers such as hydraulic oil coolers, marine oil coolers, engine oil coolers, air-cooled oil coolers, motorsport oil coolers, and so on.


Water Coolers

Water coolers can be found as an integral part to almost every internal combustion engine. Its main role is to cool the engine down and prevent it from overheating. As overheating can get pretty intense at times, some forklift spare parts shops will not recommend using water cooler radiators for your forklifts.

Water cooler radiator systems are seen to be a short-term patch but can result in long-term damage to your forklift engine. Sometimes when things are bad enough, it may break your forklift. Water has a lower boiling point temperature than coolant and can easily cause your engine to run at a higher temperature. It can result in oil viscosity breakdown and undue engine wear.

Remanufactured Radiators

Remanufactured radiators are basically used radiators that are repaired, touched-up and give it a new life. You can say it’s an OEM part or a used radiator, but the functions of a remanufactured radiator remains the same – to cool your forklift engines. They may be slightly cheaper than newly made radiators.

A good forklift spare parts shop will make sure that all remanufactured radiator will be tested under pressure. It’s to make sure that its a good-functioning radiator before being placed in stock. To keep the lifetime of remanufactured radiators, it’s advisable that proper maintenance is important.

If you are using a remanufactured radiator, make sure you top up the coolant every 250 hours of use. Make sure you drain the water separator and clean the radiator every 500 hours of use. Also, you should clean the radiator exterior and replace the fuel filter every 500 hours of use or so.


Affordable Rates

We have wide connections with forklift spare part brands that gives us the advantage of having factory price!

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Warranty claim is available for all forklift spare parts purchased! Just give us a call if any product damage is spotted! (T&C applied)

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Besides spare part supply, we can also help you on forklift service, repair, rental and trading.

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We are authorized dealers for many world renowned forklift spare part brands to cater to different needs.



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Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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