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EXCLUSIVE! 4 Secret Benefits Of Renting A Forklift That No One Would Ever Tell You!

I received a call from our client, John, the other day, and this was what he told me,  

“Hey Khai!! Thank you for recommending us to use a forklift for our small warehouse. I realize that we could shift more than 3000 boxes of products in just half a day with a forklift, unlike previously we only managed to shift around 1800 boxes per day!

What’s best is we can allocate our manpower for other crucial operation work, instead of having them waste their day just shifting boxes from one corner to the other corner! By the way, 11.11 sales are just around the corner and I need another 3 forklifts to support my warehouse operations, do you have them right now??”

phone call

John used to be one of the business owners who always think that renting a forklift is VERY expensive. Like every other startup company, John wanted to save some overhead cost, that’s when he decided that recruiting workers to do his daily warehouse operation is better than renting a forklift.

But what John didn’t realize was, how renting a forklift could help him save MORE money, increase his warehouse operation efficiency, while he can spend more time on the important things, for example strategizing on how to QUADRUPLE his sales in the shortest time.

I met up with him a few weeks ago. He complained to me how slow his warehouse workers are performing, and he had to worry about his warehouse operation more than his own marketing efforts. The inefficiency of his warehouse operation is holding him back, giving him headaches every single day.

That’s when I proposed him to get a forklift from us to ease his problems. At first, John was really against the idea because he thought that renting forklifts are EXPENSIVE!

I cleared his doubts by explaining to him how a forklift service can benefit him and the AFFORDABILITY of our forklift rentals. He was amazed to hear our offer and decided to rent a forklift from us.

The results?? He was totally satisfied on how renting a forklift had helped him eliminate his warehouse worries, and John had shared with us the 4 benefits of renting a forklift.

Increase Operation Efficiency by 70%!

cost efficient

According to John, previously he needed a total of 8 workers just for product shifting from one corner to another corner. However, after he rented a forklift, he only needed 2 workers which one to operate the forklift and another one for product arrangement.

The other 6 workers? John did not fire them of course but instead, he put them into good use and helping him to solve other warehouse operation issues that he used to hands-on previously. For example, stock count, product registration, labelling and etc. 

After solving all of these issues, John can finally focus on growing his business and getting more sales!

Transparent Pricing

no hidden cost

Renting a forklift helped John save a lot of unnecessary hidden costs. First of all, the forklift maintenance cost.

As John had chosen to engage our forklift rental service, we will frequently send our foreman to his warehouse to do inspections and ensure the forklifts are in good shape to support his operations.

Forklift breakdowns are very normal issues. Downtimes can be very costly for businesses. But luckily we are just one call away and John doesn’t have to hire his own foreman to get the job done.

He also initially thought of buying a forklift but then, he was relieved he did not buy one after he discovered that he had to deal with loads of processing fees incurred and most importantly, the silent killer of his financials – DEPRECIATION COST!

Flexible Rentals

forklift supplier selangor

One of the greatest thing about renting a forklift is flexibility. John mentioned that renting a forklift has given him the flexibility to increase or decrease his rental fleet based on his current operations. 

For example, 11.11 sales is when his warehouse operation gets really really busy, and he would need to rent additional forklifts immediately to cope with the congested inflow and outflow. 

On the other hand, if times are difficult and operations are not congested, he can decrease the number of his forklift rental fleet without worrying it will take up his warehouse space.

Besides this, we had provided John with flexible rental periods, so that he can either rent our forklifts on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 


Affordable Rental

forklift rental selangor malaysia

Yes! This is John’s favourite part of renting a forklift from us. Before renting from us, John did survey other forklift solution companies to compare prices. 

And of course, our rental rates are the most affordable ones! Yes, renting a forklift from us will only cost you RM 800/month, which is very cheap compared to hiring one staff (the minimum wage in Malaysia is RM 1200/month!). 

And as mentioned above, you can save 6 manpower just by renting a forklift, which you can enjoy RM 7200 of cost-saving just by spending RM800 per month!!


Introducing Forklift4S.com.my, the best forklift rental in Selangor & KL region


Forklift4S.com.my is the first O2O one-stop forklift solution provider in Selangor, Malaysia. With more than 15 years experience, we have upgraded our operation centres to one of the most well-established & easily accessed 4S centres in Malaysia, offering forklift rental solution, repair & service, sales & trade and spare parts.

We are making headway to establish ourselves as the innovation hub of the industrial equipment industry to serve our customers better and more efficiently.

For our forklift rental service, we believe in the 4 core values, being affordable, transparent, flexible and efficient. 

Our forklift rental fleet includes many world renowned brands, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Yale, Caterpillar, Hyster & TCM.

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tcm forklift klang
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komatsu forklift
cat lift trucks
yale forklift klang
hyster fork lift

Affordable Forklift Rental Rates, Starting From RM 800/month ONLY!!!

Yes, my boss knows that everyone is suffering from this COVID-19 pandemic, especially small-medium enterprise, this is why my boss wants to help you by providing forklift rentals that are so AFFORDABLE

Dear business owner, we believe that you already know how renting a forklift can help you ease your daily operations in your warehouse. It is time to rent yourself an affordable forklift and kickstart your business once again!

Click the button below and rent yourself a forklift today!

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Still Not Sure What Forklift Solution Do You Need?

Book A FREE On Site Consultation With Us!

Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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