What Should You Include In A Forklift Inspection?

What Should You Include In A Forklift Inspection Checklist?

When it comes to working with machines and vehicles, ensuring that the machines are in good condition is important. This is why there are inspections done regularly for forklifts. To ensure the best safety measures and precautions are taken, there is usually a detailed checklist that contains all the necessary details that the inspector must check before the forklifts are used.

Workplace Safety and Precautions


forklift safety

It is crucial for employers to ensure that their employees are working in a safe environment. By law, employers owe their employees a duty of care, meaning that they are responsible for their workers’ safety at their respective workplaces.

One of the ways that employers could improve and ensure workplace safety is by having regular inspections for vehicles and machines that are in use. Especially when forklifts are being used. Forklifts have a lot of parts so it would need a very detailed inspection before usage. To ensure the vehicle’s safety, it is essential to prepare a detailed forklift inspection checklist to prevent missing out on any details.


Forklift Inspection Checklists


Having a checklist ensures that there are no missing details during the inspection. It helps to keep the inspection process organized and orderly. A forklift inspection checklist would aid the inspector and ease the inspection. These are the few essential forklift inspection checklists that you need to have:


1. Forklift Spare Parts Inspection Checklist


spare parts inspection


On electric forklifts, the most important thing to do during inspections is to check if the batteries are operational. Of course, without a functional battery, the forklift could not even be used for the company’s daily operations. An electric forklift inspection includes checking if there are any frayed wires or exposed cables that might be a hazard for the workers.

When inspecting the batteries, make sure that you check the electrolyte levels and the battery restraints to ensure that the batteries are in good condition to be used. You would have to check on the hood latch and ensure that it is in good condition because, over time, the hood latch is bound to wear and tear. If the hood latch has any defects, you would have to replace the hood latch.

Always check for any loose parts because you will never know what could happen if a part of the forklift falls apart when in use. It would be a threat to your worker’s safety and potentially harm the forklift operator. Hence, it is important to send your forklifts for maintenance when necessary and ensure that you are using quality spare parts when fixing your forklifts.

Find high-quality spare parts for your forklifts here.


2. Forklift Engine Inspection Checklist



For machines and vehicles, it is important to check the engines. Just like cars, we need to change oil, replace the batteries, and have regular maintenance to ensure that the forklifts are in good condition to be used. There are a few things to take note of in your forklift inspection checklist when checking the engines. Firstly, ensure that the engine oils and coolant are in adequate condition to be used. It is also crucial to check for the brakes, seatbelts, steering wheels, and tires. These are the basic criteria that should be in any forklift inspection checklist.


3. Daily Forklift Inspection Checklist



Before forklifts are used, there are daily inspections that should be held in order to prevent any accidents or injuries in the workplace. To ensure that the inspections are done in detail, there should be a daily forklift inspection checklist. The checklist includes checking for the oil levels in the engine, see if there are any leaks or cracks on the forklifts.

Any cracks or leaks could be a potential hazard and it is highly recommended to have your forklifts fixed or replaced if there are any visible defects. Check the mast chains of the forklifts to see if there are any broken rollers or if the chains are tilting when in use. Do not use your hands while checking the chains as you will injure yourself. To check the mast chains, lift the load backrest up to your eye level to see if there are any visible issues.

In case of any emergencies or at times when the operator is unsure of something, an operator’s manual should always be placed at a place where it is visible and easily accessible in the forklift. Aside from all the technical inspections that need to be done regularly, you should also maintain the condition of your forklifts by cleaning your forklifts. Maintaining cleanliness is one way to prevent rusts or debris from going into the engines of the forklifts and potentially damaging the machines.


Forklift Inspection Precautions


Inspection precautions


When inspecting forklifts or machines, ensure that you are equipped with the proper safety attire. Avoid using bare hands and use safety gloves to minimize the probability of any injuries. Ensuring your workers’ safety is important, hence workers should be equipped with protective equipment like safety attires to prevent any accidents from happening.





There are a lot of details in a forklift inspection checklist, but not to worry, if you’re not keen on doing these inspections regularly and are simply looking for a quick solution to increase the efficiency of your operations, you can always rent a forklift. If you are not ready to make a big purchase for your company, you can always rent a forklift with Forklift4S.

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