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Forklift Spare Parts and Options: A Mini Guide

In this quick and mini-guide, we will guide you through what are some of the most common forklift spare parts and options. Searching and considering the best forklift spare parts and options isn’t a complicated matter. Some people think it is, but it isn’t in reality. 

However, before you look for the best spare parts, are you acquainted with forklift parts that need changing? If you haven’t, let us enlighten you. 

Forklift Parts That Needs Replacement Parts

Forklift Parts That Needs Replacement Parts
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Here are some of the most common parts and areas (anatomy) that need replacement spare parts. In due time, you will find that some of these parts may break or malfunction. If it ever does, worry not as all you need to do is to take it to a forklift spare part store to have it fixed or replaced. 

a. Mast

A mast on a forklift is the vertical part where it allows loads to be raised and lowered. In the majority of forklifts, the mast is usually built directly in front of it and directly in front of the forklift driver’s line of sight and vision. 

Masts on forklifts come with various sections for it to elevate or lower its loads. The sections can be divided into: 

  • Duplex: 2-mast stages
  • Triplex: 3-mast stages
  • Quad: 4-mast sections

When choosing a forklift mast, it’s great for you to be well-versed with the various features and terminologies of the forklift mast. Get to know which are the mast’s lift height, the free lift height and the extended height and the lowered height. Knowing these will help you understand what is designed for the forklift’s specific use and application. 

b. Lift cylinder and tilt cylinder

The lift cylinder is where it powers the vertical movement of the mast. Basically, it powers the upwards and downwards movements of the forklift’s mast. It’s usually powered hydraulically in a single-acting hydraulic cylinder. Simply put, it only moves in 1 direction. 

The tilt cylinder is similar to the lift cylinder. It controls the movement during a movement operation. The main difference between a lift cylinder and a tilt cylinder is that the latter controls the tilt movement of the carriage and the fork angles relative to the ground. 

c. Forks 

Forks are usually what people refer to on a forklift. However, sometimes people can also call it tynes, which isn’t wrong. This is the part where it has direct contact with the load people wish to carry and transport around. Usually, the forks are attached to a forklift and are made to carry a load from its bottom. 

A forklift’s forks can come in all shapes and sizes. Different shapes and sizes of forklift forks are made to carry different kinds of loads. There are also forklift forks that are used to carry different weights of loads. 

d. Load backrest 

The load backrest is typically for the forklift drivers to rest the loads on. It’s only normal for a forklift to have a backrest because some loads it handles can be very heavy. That is why the load backrest is very much needed. 

At the same time, the load backrest is to prevent the load from slipping too far backwards and hit the forklift driver. Nobody wants an accident at work. It also helps prevent the forklift mast and its components from getting damaged. 

Note that if you are a forklift driver or operator, you should never remove the load backrest. The above-mentioned reasons should be sufficient enough to tell anyone why it should not be removed. 

What to Look For in a Forklift Spare Parts Store 

What to Look For in a Forklift Spare Parts Store
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Now that we have talked about some of the most common forklift parts and areas to be replaced, we will now move on to our next section. In this section, we will discuss and talk about what are some of the criteria when looking for the best forklift spare parts store

a. Spare parts availability 

The availability of spare parts are important as you do not want to go to a spare parts store only to find what you want is already “out of stock”. It can be inconvenient as sometimes, for some people, the next nearest spare parts store can be located further away than then. They may need the spare parts faster too! 

b. Suppliers’ availability 

Sometimes the suppliers have the spare parts you need. However, it’s the time they have at hand that they do not have. If you are a company with limited forklifts, then we are pretty sure you will need your machines fixed as soon as possible. 

At times, it depends on how many forklift spare parts stores there are in your area. In some states and districts, the forklift spare parts stores can be found everywhere. In some other locations, there aren’t as many spare parts suppliers in the area. If there are not enough spare part suppliers where you are, you can choose to either join the long wait list. Or you can choose to travel to the next closest location to get your forklift repaired. 

c. New spare parts and used spare parts 

There are suppliers who sell used spare parts alongside new spare parts. It’s not that old spare parts cannot be entirely used. Some old or used spare parts sometimes aren’t exactly broken entirely, that’s why they still can be used. 

The difference between old spare parts and new spare parts is that old spare parts are riskier. Although they can still be used, mind that they may not be optimal in its function compared to new spare parts. Also, used spare parts tend to be cheaper by a lot compared to new spare parts. Which one you go for depends on what you are looking for. 

If budget is an issue for you, then go for the used spare part if you wish. But if safety and longevity is what you are looking for, then its best you go for the new ones. To be fair, sometimes buying old spare parts may cost a lot more than buying new. Think about having to replace form time and time again. The initial costs between changing the old spare parts for other spare parts may not be much. However, eventually, the costs may add up and can become very expensive in the long run. 


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The bottom line is that looking for forklift options isn’t exactly that hard. It takes some time to find the best spare parts and its options. It shouldn’t be a very hard task for companies that use forklifts. 

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