The Importance of A Daily Operator Check Routine

The Importance of A Daily Operator Check Routine

Daily operator check routine is one of the most important parts of the day in your life if you are running a warehouse. As you operate many forklifts, they tend to be the powerhouse of many company warehouses. Forklifts lift and transport loads between 2 locations. They make transporting of goods between 2 points a lot easier. 

If you are a warehouse manager, then you will understand how daily operational tests and pre-shift inspections will be very important. Regular maintenance should be of the utmost importance and priority as it guarantees safety in the warehouse. You wouldn’t want to get into workplace accidents, would you? 

Why are pre-operational forklift inspections so important? 

The biggest reason, there is: for workplace safety purposes. Oftentimes, it is preferable that warehouse managers inspect the forklifts before the start of the shifts every day. They will need to check on a lot of areas, including the batteries, the tires, and the forks themselves, among many other things. 

Warehouse managers will need to look into extending the life of the most important equipment, devices, and vehicle. They have to frequently inspect the forklifts and maintain appropriate maintenance intervals. It should be a common practice across all warehouses. 

What should you inspect for? 

Pre-operation inspection should include several key areas. Here are some of them. 

  • Check for damage or lose forks
  • Detect any visible damages to the mast or vehicle body
  • Check the hydraulic system for any leakages
  • Check if the seatbelts are in proper fitting
  • Check if the steering wheel is up to standard for performance
  • Combustion filters should be clean
  • Check the breaks to see if they are functioning normally
  • Check on the batteries and fluid levels
  • Check if the pedals are easy to grip and are functioning all right


These are some of the most essential components that secure the safety of operators and the employees in the warehouse. The pre-shift inspections are a significant part of the training, onboarding, and certification process of any and all warehouse operators and managers. 

Pre-operation routine checks can prevent a lot of things 

For the most part, pre-operation checks help prevent workplace accidents. It does not mean no accidents will occur. It will still happen. However, pre-operation safety checks can help minimize that workplace accidents from happening. Some of the accidents pre-operational checks can help prevent: 

  • Averts accidental tip-overs, uncalled for damages, and any employee injuries and deaths
  • Prevents hydraulic failure and problems related to vehicle stability
  • Fewer chances of huge financial setbacks, property loss, and business loss
  • Keeps you and your employees updated on maintenance problems
  • Protects your company and business from heavy fines and financial losses 

All these checks can help the managers detect wear and tear in a timely manner. They can take the necessary measures within the right timeframe and appropriate maintenance contracts. If the forklift is any heavier or bigger, then for obvious reasons, maintenance intervals should be tailored to the specific vehicles depending on the manufacturer’s standards. 

Bottom Line 

Maintaining the safety culture in the warehouse are usually stemmed from operational tests and inspections. It can determine the emerging signs of all kinds of problems. However, problems can differ from forklift to forklift as no 2 forklifts have the exact same problems. 

If you need any forklift inspections and repairs, feel free to reach out to us today for any assistance. We are more than happy to help you with your forklift issues. 

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