top 5 tips on forklift maintenance to improve workplace safety

Top 5 Tips On Forklift Maintenance To Improve Workplace Safety

In our previous article, we have explained how important workplace safety is. In the article, it was mentioned that one of the ways to maintain safety on-site is to keep up with your forklift maintenance. A forklift that is not taken care of is more likely to break down or malfunction and cause accidents.

Keeping your forklifts in good shape would not only make them last longer but also improve the quality of forklift performance. So without further ado, here are the top 5 tips on forklift maintenance that you should take in order to maintain safety on-site:


1. Perform Daily Inspections



If you have been researching about forklifts, you may notice that daily inspections are often mentioned. Performing daily inspections is one of the ways to maintain your forklifts and also help your workers to recognize if there are any faulty parts with the forklift before operating the forklifts. This helps immensely in preventing on-site accidents.

It would be best to have an inspection checklist ready for your daily inspections. Having a daily inspection checklist would help to set the standard for your inspections. It would also prevent forklift operators from missing out on details during inspections.


2. Regular Maintenance


regular maintenance

Just like any other vehicle, forklifts have to get regular maintenance too. Each model and types of forklifts have their own schedules for its regular maintenance. Do not postpone forklift maintenance. The purpose of this maintenance is to keep the machines in check to minimize the possibility of the machines malfunctioning during usage.

Taking note of the recommended regular maintenance and having a scheduled record of the forklift maintenance would help you to figure out which forklifts are no longer fit for use. It is best to ask the forklift manufacturer or advisor about the engine capacity of the forklifts. Perhaps a certain model of forklift requires an oil change every few months, and another requires a maintenance check after 200 hours of usage. The capacity varies depending on the manufacturing brand and types of forklifts.

Having regular forklift maintenance would also keep your forklift at its maximum efficiency during usage.


3. Maintain Forklift Cleanliness


maintain forklift cleanliness


Having a regular cleaning schedule would also help to keep your forklift in good condition. It helps to prevent rust and grime from damaging the parts of your forklift. Maintaining your forklift’s cleanliness is also a way to do forklift maintenance. Cleaning your forklift regularly would prevent materials from getting stuck on your forklift and potentially damaging or poses danger to the machines. Hence, would help to prevent accidents from happening while maintaining the forklift’s efficiency to its fullest.

Leaving your forklift unclean would allow the possibility of machines being blocked by dirt or foreign materials. This would interfere with the machines and cause a blockage. The forklift could break down during use, or worse. If the machine is blocked with combustible material, the machine could even combust.


4. Immediate Repair


immediate repair


Even the slightest issue with your forklift could pose a risk to your workers and the pedestrians around the area. Immediately have your forklift repaired if you ever find parts that are cracked or broken. If a part of the forklift is cracked and the forklift is still being used, it could be dangerous for the forklift operator especially, if that specific part decides to break during usage.

This is also why daily inspections and regular forklift maintenance should never be postponed. Doing regular forklift maintenance would help to see if the forklift is still in good usable condition. It is a way to prevent forklift accidents from happening and a way to maximize the efficiency of your forklift during usage.


5. Plan Ahead!


plan ahead


In conclusion, if you are looking to purchase a forklift, plan ahead with your maintenance schedule. Ensure that you are also willing to commit to sending your workers for forklift training, enforce a strict safety regulation as well as do your part in scheduling a proper forklift maintenance schedule. Consult a trustworthy forklift company and express your needs. Forklift4s would be able to give you advice on a forklift that would suit your needs.

Get a free on-site consultation with Forklift4s! Our professional consultants would come down to your site and give you advice on the most suitable forklift for your needs. Forklift4s is also ready to repair your forklifts and help you with your forklift maintenance.

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Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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