the fundamentals of forklift safety for pedestrians

The Fundamentals Of Forklift Safety For Pedestrians

We have previously discussed ways to improve forklift operator safety. However, when working with forklifts it is also important to ensure everybody’s safety. This includes pedestrians who might be working near forklifts. 

In the following article, we will be discussing the safety measures that warehouses and construction sites take to improve their forklift safety for pedestrians. 


Precautions For Pedestrians

precautions for pedestrian


Although pedestrians cannot control where the forklifts are headed, there are precautions that they could take to prevent colliding with forklifts. When working with forklifts, those that are in the area must always be cautious and alert. 

It might sound blatant and obvious, but the most important precaution that pedestrians could take is to look and listen. Look out for incoming forklifts and ensure that they are not standing too close to any ongoing forklifts. 

Before making a turn or crossing a path, pedestrians should always look left and right to ensure that there are no forklifts headed towards or behind them. This would help to prevent accidents like collisions or forcing a forklift to come to a sudden break as such accidents could injure the forklift operators and pedestrians. 

reversing forklift

Just like cars, most forklift models have a backup alarm that would sound when the forklift is moving in reverse. Pedestrians should listen closely for nearby backup alarms and keep a distance from forklifts that are moving in reverse. Pedestrians should never cross behind a reversing forklift. 

To further improve forklift safety for pedestrians, it is important to ensure that they are always alert on-site. Pedestrians should not be walking and talking or reading. This is to avoid distractions and to better maintain forklift safety for pedestrians and forklift operators. 

If there is a designated path for pedestrians to cross and walk in, they should always walk in the lane. 


Precautions For Forklift Operators

forklift accident

To better improve forklift safety for pedestrians, forklift operators must also adhere to the safety rules and take precautions to prevent any collision or accidents that could possibly injure pedestrians and even themselves. 

Forklift operators should allow pedestrians to clear a path before proceeding to go through an area. Taking this extra step would help to prevent collision causing the materials to collapse onto a pedestrian. 

Forklift operators should not assume that a pedestrian is aware of the incoming forklift. Both forklift operators and pedestrians should communicate and signal each other on where they are going. By using hand signals, pedestrians would understand when a forklift is going to make a turn and vice versa. This is for the better of forklift safety for pedestrians.

forklift certificate

As forklift operators, it is their duty to ensure that they have followed the safety rules and guidelines to drive a forklift. The company must also ensure that forklift operators are well trained and possess the right certificates. 

Forklift operators should always hold a daily inspection before driving a forklift to ensure that all the machines and hardware are safe for use. 


Important Safety Measures 

safety regulations

Proper safety rules and regulations should be emphasized in all workplaces. There are a few safety regulations that a company must implement to further improve forklift safety for pedestrians. 

Companies should ensure that their forklift drivers have a certified license and training to drive a forklift. This is to ensure that the forklift drivers are well informed about the functions of a forklift and understand what to do in case of emergencies. 

It would also be beneficial to have regular company training on safety regulations. Having regular training for all employees helps to remind the employees of the importance of workplace safety. Implementing strict regulations on safety would keep the employees and your inventory safe from accidents and damages. 

choosing the right forklift

It is important for companies to choose the right forklift for the warehouse and construction sites. For example, if your warehouse has narrow isles make sure that you are using a forklift that is suitable for smaller isles. 

You may consult our professional forklift consultants for more advice on choosing forklifts according to your needs. Forklift4s provides a free on-site visit to assess your warehouse and advise you on the most suitable forklift to fit your needs. 

Having a quality forklift would not only help to maximize work efficiency but also improve workplace safety by minimizing the chances of the forklift breaking down during use. Therefore, this would also help in increasing forklift safety for pedestrians. 

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