reasons why you should rent a forklift

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Forklift

We have previously discussed the various models and functions of forklifts. With the wide variety of forklift classes, it is common to be confused and unsure of which forklift would be suitable for your warehouse. This is why you should rent a forklift before investing in a forklift. 

There are many reasons why renting a forklift would be more beneficial than purchasing a forklift. In this article, we will be discussing a few reasons why you should rent a forklift.


Commitment Period

commitment period

If you are not looking to commit to using a forklift for your daily operations, you may look into renting a forklift for only a period of time. Oftentimes online shop warehouse rents additional forklifts during peak periods such as the holiday period, or black Friday when their sales and inventory movements are busier. 

This would help warehouse inventory to move at a faster pace but at the same time, the business would not have to invest in a huge sum as compared to purchasing a forklift. Your company could just rent a forklift for a certain period of time that is necessary. 


Efficient For Projects

warehouse projects

If you are expecting a huge project or sudden bulk orders, you might want to rent a forklift. The benefits of renting a forklift in this situation are quite similar to the first reason. In fact, renting a forklift instead of purchasing would be more cost-saving and efficient for your inventory management. 

It would be a much better investment to rent a forklift if you are only expecting a big bulk of items for a specific period of time. Renting a forklift would help in your work efficiency. As we have mentioned in our previous article on the benefits of using a forklift, having a forklift has been proven to improve operational efficiency by up to 70%.


Cost Saving

cost saving

If you are going to use 5 forklifts to move your inventory during peak period but uses 3 forklifts on a day to day basis, consider purchasing 3 forklifts for daily usage and renting the 2 only during peak period. This would minimize unnecessary expenses and save costs. The cash that you have saved could be invested in other parts of your business. 


Low Maintenance

forklift maintenance

Forklifts require daily maintenance and care. Without proper inspections and maintenance, it would increase the risk of workplace accidents. When you rent a forklift, you are also minimizing the extra expense and time that you have to take to care of and maintain the forklift. If ever there is a faulty part, you may simply ask for the forklift rental company for an exchange or maintenance and they would be more than happy to provide you with a better forklift. 


Allows Trial And Error Before A Big Purchase

big forklift purchase

Purchasing a forklift requires a huge sum of the deposit. What happens if you find that the forklift that you have purchased is unsuitable for your daily warehouse usage? The capital that you have spent on the forklift could have gone into other investments, but it would be wasted if you purchase the wrong forklift for your perusal. 

If you rent a forklift, you would be given the chance for a trial and error before making a big purchase. Renting a forklift requires much fewer expenses and maintenance, it would allow you to observe the function and efficiency that the forklift would bring into your warehouse. 

If the forklift that you have rented is not as effective you can simply exchange for another type of forklift once the renting period has ended and observe from there. This allows some trial and error before deciding on a big purchase. 

If you are ever in doubt of which forklift to rent or purchase, do not hesitate to consult our forklift consultants. Forklift4s provides you with a free on-site consultation where our professional consultants would come down to your warehouse, observe your warehouse efficiency, and advise you on the types of forklifts that could improve your work efficiency. 

If purchasing a forklift is too big of an investment for you, well you are in luck! Forklift4s not only offer a range of forklifts to be purchased but also forklift rental services. Fret not! If you are simply looking to fix your forklift, leave it with our trusty mechanics to polish your forklift with high-quality spare parts!

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Still Not Sure What Forklift Solution Do You Need?

Book A FREE On Site Consultation With Us!

Our professionals will visit your site and advise the most suitable forklift solution for you!! Absolutely FREE!

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